Thoughts on Honor

With some of the political coverage on TV and in newspapers, I’ve been thinking about what “honor” means to me and possibly you. When I think of honor, I think of words like honesty, integrity, reliability and character. These characteristics are often seen in soldiers, judges, and even everyday people. Integrity and honor go hand in hand. You can’t separate these two types of character. Today, it is sometimes difficult to find honor, but it can be found if you look closely. Don’t go after people who parade around clamouring that they have honor or are due honor by their title. Honor is”bestowed upon” those who earnit through their actions or character.

Honor (Oxford Dictionary) Definition of honour – high respect; great esteem, the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right, … (US honor) …

“Oh, that I could find honor among common everyday people.” ~~Susans Soul


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