Gratitude and Thankfulness

Some of my thoughts in poetic form

Gratitude and Thankfulness

Thankfulness everyone, believer or not.

Difference is Christians thank Christ Jesus.

Non-believers don’t know who their thanking.

Like dropping a letter in the mail-no.address.

Gratitude is less specific than thankfulness

Gratitude encompasses thankfulness and

beyond to the spirit of thanks for everything.

Living a life of gratitude includes unpleasant.

Gratitude for good and gratitude trials look

different with being grateful is find the lesson.

Includes good and bad, gratitude of trusting

Trusting the God lesson sent and faithfulness.

Gratitude, a lifestyle not thanks for blessings.

I live gratitude in my health and in my illness.

May not see the lesson yet, but it’s in there.

Seek a life of thanks, but also life of gratitude.

Susans Soul…
join us…

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